Curtin is former Country Mice frontman Jason Rueger and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Austin Nelson. They first formed in Brooklyn, but are currently based out of Chicago. Their upcoming album, One For The Doghearted, was produced and recorded by the band at The Lowercase Capitol, a studio the two built in Charleston, SC.

The nine tracks comprising the record put forth a slow-burning and hypnotic soundscape, lingering in delicate moments to great effect. It’s this drawn-out, hazy quality that gives the more unexpected elements throughout the album, like the build up of dissonance and static at the end of the single “Better Ride,” all the more poignancy.

Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco is featured on keyboards on four tracks. Mixed by Andrew Tracy at One Thousand Birds in Brooklyn. Mastered by Joe Lambert (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors).

From Stereogum:
“The connection to Wilco makes perfect sense because Rueger’s songwriting taps into the same casually struggling, world-weary spirit Jeff Tweedy has been channeling since at least Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. You might say “Better Ride” sounds like a ghost being born — a somber slow-glide that eventually descends from sad-eyed alt-country into gorgeous digital static.” // facebook