Chase King creates pop gems in Brooklyn, NY. He currently writes music for his solo project, and as a part of label-mate Slow Country. With a long evolution from drummer to singer and multi-instrumentalist, he has developed a highly nuanced, handcrafted sound, and shifts with ease between driving rhythms and a textured, folksy psychedelia.

His musical chairs style is on full display on this newest release. It’s hard to believe that South Tropical Trail – his second solo record and first for Wonderland Archives – was orchestrated by him alone. Layers of instrumentation unravel until you are submerged in fully formed landscapes, sundrenched and dreamy. King blends backwards loops, atmospheric swells, and delicate vocal harmonies to create a lush quilt of experimental Americana. All tinged with the breezy feel of dark tropicalia.

Catch Chase on his weekly radio show, Under the Moon on Mondays on the indie darkroom.

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