Category: Boyd Shropshire

Nearly 4 years since Boyd Shropshire‘s lo-fi gem Color The Years, we’re excited to announce the upcoming release of his new album, Victory Weather, out July 29th. His collaborations in other projects, both on and off the WA roster have kept him pretty busy, but he’s flying solo once again, and to great effect.

The 10 songs that comprise Victory Weather span the gamut of brooding and meditative to fuzzed out pop. Yet the production quality has been noticeably refined, creating a richness of tone and a sonic clarity not found on his debut. This growth is reflected within the themes of Victory Weather, as well. Throughout the album, sparkling guitars curl around Shropshire’s baritone reflections on impermanence, love, and a constantly changing world. A sense of bittersweet urgency to genuinely engage with the world before it’s too late pervades the record, a patient desire to implement purpose as opposed to wandering around for it.