Bimini is a project by Sander Travisano, bassist of the Florida instrumental quartet The Mercury Program. Since relocating to Brooklyn in 2004, Travisano has branched out, starting a number of new projects, including Bimini and the Brooklyn based band Pagan Girls. Bimini’s current line up includes long time collaborator Dave LeBleu, brother Whitney Travisano, Peter Bartsocas and James Glayat.

While many songs borrow their sound from the grit and dirt of garage rock, they also take their cues from the thick bass lines of old soul- it would be easy to imagine them scoring found footage from an old super 8. Anchored in driving rhythms, there is a sense of immediacy to their songs, balanced by the occasional ethereal shimmer of a Fender Rhodes. Travisano’s vocals welcome the new found grit–raw and weathered like drift wood, with songs producing a sense of the longing for simpler times and the woes of the working stiff. This is music for all those who would rather be barefoot at the grocery on the way home from the beach than shuffling oxfords on the platform waiting for the express train home.

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