Category: Bimini

Bimini, the side project headed by The Mercury Program‘s Sander Travisano, is gearing up to release their self titled debut 7 inch. Backed by Peter Bartsocas, and fellow members of the Mercury Program Dave LeBleu and Whitney Travisano, the project relies on the familiarity of longtime collaboration, but infuses it with a new perspective.

Recorded in a studio in the woods of Vermont earlier this year, and mastered by Carl Saff (Julian Lynch, Guided By Voices), this 4 song EP is a bright, poppy ride. Wistful yearning for lazy days long gone, and contempt for a steady climb up the ladder are subjects handled with a wit and light heartedness as if to say, “Ah fuck it. Grab me beer, would you?”

The record hits the shelves November 19th.