The perfect accompaniment to rainy, gross days: a little Leadbelly  Boyd Shropshire up next!
 Shine on you crazy diamond. Ann Pragg at the Factory! Regram from @yallworldwide  @tigerdare on the mike #cmj2014
 If you're in Gainesville tonight, head on out to The Factory! Ann Pragg will be melting mindzzz  @andrewcedermark rocking the stage at Palisades #cmj2014
 That kinda night #marrakeshexpress  See you tomorrow night for our showcase at Palisades with @underwaterpeeps
 It's a good time to get that release you've been meaning to...the entire WA catalogue is 20% off! #shopsmall #indielabel  Shred masters @_curtin_ #cmj #cakeshop
 His 'Steven Tyler' look #theshrop #coldasallgetout #stillbiking  September Girls. Hard not to like an all chick rock band from Ireland #cmj
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